Silence, by Adyashanti

The waves of mind demand so much of Silence. But She does not talk back does not give answers nor arguments. She is the hidden author of every thought every feeling every moment. Silence. She speaks only one word. And that word is this very existence. No name you give Her touches Her captures Her. No understanding can embrace Her. Mind throws itself at Silence demanding to be let in. But no mind can enter into Her radiant darkness Her pure and smiling nothingness. The mind hurls itself into sacred questions. But Silence remains unmoved by the tantrums. She asks Continue Reading —>

From Fear to Stillness, by Mooji

MOOJI speaks on using stillness and working with fear, in order to reach—you guessed it—stillness. When we do not buy in to an unhealthy fear, and are able to sit with it and really look deeply into it, we see that there is no real danger, and no real Self being threatened or harmed… “In the past, you’ve purchased thoughts like this, and it’s plunged you into a state of fragmentation, of pursuit, which is all imagined…” —Mooji Mooji — From Fear to Stillness .

Welcome to Mindpoint

THE VERY FIRST WORDS in the Dhammapada—the collection of teachings directly from the Buddha—is that the mind is the key to all things. “Mind is the forerunner of all things; all things are mind-made,” it teaches. “When one allows impure (not beneficial) thoughts, sorrow and suffering are sure to follow. When one encourages and cultivates pure (beneficial) thoughts, happiness is sure to follow.” The Christian Bible agrees and advises us in Philippians 4:8 “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is beautiful, whatever is encouraging, whatever is worthy of admiration—meditate on these things, and Continue Reading —>