Submissions to Still Yourself

There are no teachers at Still Yourself. Everyone is equal, side by side, learning and reviewing and contemplating the same as everyone else. Whether “newbie” or “old pro,” all benefit from meditation—and it is always wise to foster a “Beginner’s Mind,” remaining open to all things, as if it is the first time it’s ever been heard.

Everyone may submit or suggest material for consideration to appear on the Still Yourself website. Written, audio, and video meditations, teachings, and music are all welcome, as well as photography and artwork. Full credit and contact info will be listed with each piece used, and full rights will always stay with the creator of the work.

Send your material (or links to your material) and the name and contact information you’d like to be shared online if your work appears to

You will be notified if your work will be appearing on the website!

Thank YOU for your presence here!
Many, many blessings to you!