Still Yourself is an inventive new experiment intended to provide the space and mood of stillness in these busy days we find ourselves in. Rich in visual and audio experiences, Still Yourself is designed to be an inner-connective temple available 24/7, whenever one may need.

Meditation is more than just sitting on a cushion “criss-cross applesauce” legged, as my young daughter would say. Meditation is merely a pausing, a stilling, an inner acknowledging—and accepting—of what IS.

The purpose of meditation is not to blank out the mind, as popular information often states. The purpose of meditation is not to disappear, not to hide from or avoid the endless events of daily life, but rather to face and meet those experiences—to slow yourself, quiet yourself, still yourself, in order to allow the ripples of the day to be processed, absorbed, and settled.

It is not a changing of yourself that begins to happen as you still yourself, but a finding of yourself: a discovery that you are indeed yourself—still yourself—even while in the center of the river. Yet even this is just a single step on the path; if you continue, you will find you are the river, as well as the not-river… and further, that there really is no you in the first place—you are everything, and everything is you!

Once stillness has been invited into your awareness, and all the dust has settled, clarity, understanding, and insight follow close behind.

Understanding leads to loving. Loving leads to compassion. Compassion leads to action—and sometimes the necessary action in a certain moment is non-action.

This discernment is what stillness is all about.

Yet stillness is only one part of The Balance.
To remain in the space of stillness ALL the time is as unbalanced as remaining in a high, manic state all the time. Stillness is the balance to our busy times and busy lives, but there is a time for everything—to focus on only one is not balance.

Still Yourself merely aims to provide space for one part of a whole.