Music has the power to move us, touch us, or shift our mood and energy as no other thing.

Music can be consciously and intentionally used as tools for ourselves. The first step is to truly know ourselves, then to continue to keep such an awareness of ourselves that even in the midst of life’s happenings and emotions, we are mindful enough of ourselves and our needs that we can pick up such tools to help us move our minds and souls where they need to be, even if we may not particularly feel like doing so at the time.

And this does not always mean tools to calm and soothe—sometimes the need is an upbeat uplifting, empowering and inspiring our Hearts into action. Balance in all things is key.

Select a channel that speaks to you below or in the sidebar, and as always, feel free to suggest an audio or video that has moved you, so it may be shared with others on this website!

Music Channels:
Music for Stillness
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