Crossing Paths

AS WE GO about our daily lives, especially in this day and age, there is absolutely no way we can get around the fact that we are all interconnected. Our lives, beliefs, and even our different faiths intersect each other on every level. Nearly every single one of us encounters those walking a different path than us every single day. And at the end of the day, has this interaction made any sort of difference whatsoever? Each path we cross that is not our own can be found to be just as beautiful, enhancing and enriching rather than threatening and Continue Reading —>

Please Chi Responsibly

WE MEDITATE TO BRING ourselves to stillness, to find our center balance point where the whirlwind dust of our days can settle and be processed, and we then find we can keep going, keep pressing on with our strength renewed. We know from our direct experience that this is very necessary for us, so we don’t crack and cave under the pressure of daily demands. What is affected by our stilling of ourselves? Everything. We know that everything everywhere is interconnected—why should this apply any differently in the case of meditation? We may sit down to do it with only Continue Reading —>