About Still Yourself

Still Yourself is a Starfield Project, manifested from the Heart-wish to provide a meditative atmosphere and a place of stillness one can visit 24/7 for mind-body-spirit health and mood-shifting assistance. Read more about meditation here.

Originally intended to be a local brick-and-mortar meditation center, the project has now been inspired to become a virtual online meditation hall first, with physical location(s) still anticipated in the future—after all, an online center does present many capabilities and advantages, especially in this technological age! For more on why it is named the Manjushri Online Meditation Center, I invite you to visit the Manjushri page.

Still Yourself has no teachers or students—only people, together on the same floor, longing to and willing to open themselves to themselves. When this happens, openness to others naturally begins to spread. In order for anyone to truly realize their own truths and grow from that point, one must be able and willing to discover and stand alone in those truths—neither following (copying) anyone, nor caring what others think about them as they begin to embody their truths.

Though the design and majority of the meditation center may be Buddhist-flavored, Still Yourself is a non-path, all-path program, and welcomes and will point to truths and wisdom found anywhere and everywhere—there is room for everyone to dine at the table. These contemplations will be found in the Mindpoint section.

Anyone may submit written, visual, and audio material to share with others, and will receive full credit with links to their own work if selected to appear on the website. More information on submissions can be found here.